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First Impressions Last: Running a Business That Can Wow Customers

People never forget their firsts. This can be taken in the context of almost anything under the sun, including your business. You see, the first time your client works with you is the most memorable because it will dictate whether they will be returning to you in the future.

Almost any business can do their jobs with exceptional quality, but not all businesses go above and beyond to accommodate their clients. Wouldn’t you, as a potential client, prefer to work with businesses that can always exceed your expectations rather than those who cannot?

Find out how you can turn your business into one that can wow your clients from all aspects with these tips. Their amazement shouldn’t be limited to the quality of service you can provide them; you should also do your best to wow them with how you maintain your workspace and environment.

On the Outside

Why wait until your clients get inside to wow them? Take the opportunity to wow them from outside your business premises with a manicured landscape. Nothing says great attention to detail better than a well-maintained environment.

There are many commercial landscaping and lawn care companies that can provide you with the level of dedication you’ll need to amaze your clients before they even step out of their cars. You can hire a service that can keep your hedges trimmed, your grass green, and your overall environment healthy.

Such companies can also help you manage snow and ice in the winter, or clear out fallen trees during hurricane season. Whatever landscaping needs you might require, make sure that your trusted service provider can do so you can get your money’s worth.

At the Entrance

A business that innovates and adapts to the times is an impressive one. You can show your clients this side of your business from the moment they walk inside your office — by using a digital sign-in process. This alternative to receptionists can eliminate the need to have a full-time employee whose sole purpose is to greet your clients.

There are a lot of online applications that you can use to make this digital sign-in process possible. It can be a great replacement for age-old logbooks which were used to keep track of everyone entering and leaving the premises. This way, all the information inputted is collated into one coherent data.


In addition to that, you can also employ security personnel to guard your premises. They can be stationed inside your office to welcome everyone in by holding the door, or outside to keep uninvited individuals from wreaking havoc in your office.

On the Inside

When your clients need to wait to be served by you, wouldn’t you rather they wait in comfort? A stale and cold reception area with sofas paired with rundown magazines isn’t exactly an appealing environment to wait in. Plus, it can be uncomfortable especially for a long duration.

Take your reception area to the next level by maximizing the interior potential of the space. Introduce accent chairs or sofas that provide comfort, but not so much that your customers sink into the cushions. You can also offer light refreshments to your clients through a corner table inside the area.

Another great way to make your reception area more inviting is by placing indoor plants in strategic points. Plants can brighten up any room they’re in, plus, they can help with better air circulation because they provide an additional source of oxygen in an enclosed space.

At the Core

You can also wow your clients with the way you run your business. This can include anything from providing them quality service to exceeding their expectations. More than anything, you should aim to run a business that can amaze your clients at the core.

This can also be in the form of providing service that is always given when it is expected. Strive to never be late, or at least give practical reasons for any service delays. Doing so can make your clients more inclined to return to you for their future needs.

You should also offer your services at a competitive price based on your current market. Assure your clients that they are getting a service that is worth their every penny, and follow through with exceptional delivery.

Good and bad first impressions have lasting effects on people. You need to make sure that your clients will remember your business for the great first impression they got from their experience while working with you. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a place that is hard to bounce back from.

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