Video Marketing: Essential Trends to Watch Out For

The rise of “stories” and the way social media users consume content have contributed to making video a critical component of marketing. It pays to be aware of the top video marketing trends. According to Smart Insights, 83 percent of marketers believe that video is more important than ever before, and this signals the beginning of brands using video as an integral component of their digital marketing approach.

People spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, social media, and other online platforms. If you plan to invest in video marketing, consult with a corporate film production expert to ensure your videos are high-quality and can boost engagement and conversion rates. Here are the video marketing trends you should watch out for.

1. The advent of performance video

The Internet has fully asserted its position as the leading platform for watching videos. Thus, marketers must be ready to embrace the Internet’s potential for personalization and interactivity. Performance video changes depending on the viewer. Though this sounds quite impossible, the approach is proving to be a valuable video marketing strategy for brands today.

The concept of performance video involves automatic alteration of the message based on the user data to appeal to the viewer directly. Video length, colour pallet, and content are some of the aspects that impact user engagement. And performance video is an indispensable tool for a video marketer to maximize follow-throughs.

It is every marketer’s dream to alter a pitch to fit the person hearing it. Fortunately, performance video is making this possible.

2. 360-degree videos

VR headsets and smart devices are making 360-degree videos accessible. Consequently, people are more likely to watch a 360-degree video compared to the same video content in a traditional format. Recently, Magnifyre found that 29 percent more individuals choose to water a 360-degree video.

The advent of 360-degree video content allows users to control their perspective for a better and more interactive experience. Creating such brand-affiliated video content means more engagement and a better chance of getting the viewer to take your desired action (conversion).

3. Use of simple video tools

taking videos using a phone camera

Perhaps it is your first instinct to create your videos using pricey, professional-grade cameras and other pieces of equipment. Well, depending on the kind of video you intend to create, this kind of financial commitment may not be necessary. It would help if you had basic sound equipment and your iPhone camera to produce videos that indistinguishable from those shot by pros.

Some platforms, such as Powtoon, provide a full stack of features that work for both startups and established brands.

4. SEO-focused video marketing

Video content doesn’t automatically turn into traffic and sales. Indeed, it is a component of a larger process of sending pitches and acquisition. By using videos as part of your marketing strategy, it becomes easier to realize how they can boost other objectives like SEO. Content will remain a critical SEO component, and video is part of the content.

Watch out for the four video marketing trends discussed here and incorporate video marketing into your marketing strategy. This will bring a significant impact on your engagement and conversion rate.

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