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Upgrade Your Home Cooking Space: Smart Technologies to Use

The most important part of the home is the kitchen. That’s one of the first things home buyers look at and influences their buying decision. Hence, if you are considering upgrading your home, it will probably start in the kitchen.

You can add many smart appliances to your kitchen to make cooking easier and more fun. These will also save you time you can spend bonding with your family. Furthermore, it will enable you to be more adventurous and try more recipes. You are the decision-maker in choosing what appliances will suit your needs. It is, therefore, best to select the appliances you most want first and then design your kitchen renovation around them.

However, in designing a kitchen to accommodate these appliances, you will be best served by a kitchen redesign and remodeling company. They can measure your space, consider the new appliances you want and your style preferences, and give you design recommendations to approve. They can also do the renovation work for you. Hiring professionals gives you fresh design ideas you may not have thought of. They also know how to make the most of your space. Your new appliances will be integrated perfectly.

Here are some smart kitchen ideas for you to choose from in 2022.

LG LTE4815BD Smart Slide-In Electric Convection Range

LG’s LTE4815BD electric convection range is a smart slide-in model with a double oven with WiFi, voice control, and artificial intelligence. You can use LG’s ThinQ technology to check the range’s status on your phone. It also links to the SideChef and Innit cooking apps. You can choose a recipe, and the apps send instructions to your oven for automatically setting cooking temperatures, cooking modes, and cooking times.

The ProBake convection feature has a fan placement that ensures even baking. The double oven allows you to cook several dishes simultaneously. The upper oven has a 3.0 cubic feet capacity, while the lower oven is larger at 4.3 cubic feet.

The cooktop has flexible heating elements that allow you to switch anywhere from a six-inch to a 12-inch pan with just a push on the controls. The range is also self-cleaning.

GE Profile PSS93YPFS Smart Slide-In Electric Convection Range

GE’s Profile PSS93YPFS electric convection range is a 30-inch smart slide-in model with built-in WiFi and an air fry function. Its cooktop can accommodate various pot and griddle sizes with flexible elements that can be merged and synchronized.

You can use the GE SmartHQ app to control oven cooking from your phone. The range’s self-cleaning mode is also something you will love.

Samsung Flex Duo Dual Fuel Range Oven

The Samsung Flex Duo dual fuel range is a slide-in model with front control. It uses gas for its cooktop but has an electric oven. The oven includes an Air Fry mode and has an air fry tray.

As a smart appliance, it is fully connected to WiFi, voice-enabled, and compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings app. You can use your voice on your phone to set the oven temperature and cooking time. You can also use it to monitor the range top and set cooking times for each burner. The Smart Dial learns your favorite oven and cooktop settings.

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LG 26-Cubic-Foot 3-Door Smart Refrigerator and Freezer

LG’s 3-door smart refrigerator and freezer combo is a roomy 26 cubic feet and is Energy Star certified, meaning you are sure it is energy efficient. Its compressor also carries a ten-year warranty. As a smart appliance, it has WiFi and is compatible with LG’s ThinQ, Google, and Alexa.

There is an ice maker on the refrigerator and freezer doors and an Ice Plus function that makes more ice quickly when needed. A water dispenser on the refrigerator door can accommodate extra-large water containers. The other refrigerator door has a glass window. A double-tap on it will turn on the light inside to allow you to see in without opening the door.

Gaggenau Vario 400 Series Downdraft Ventilation System

Gaggenau’s downdraft ventilation system in the Vario 400 Series has sensitive smart sensors that detect vapors and odors. It is hyper-reactive in extracting these from the environment using the lowest power, preventing them from spreading beyond the kitchen.

The Vario 400 operates with no noise while monitoring the air quality and powerfully cleaning up the air in the kitchen. This smart appliance has Home Connect, allowing you to control it remotely.

GE Profile Built-in Dishwasher

GE’s Profile is a 24-inch built-in dishwasher in stainless steel with built-in WiFi and the GE Smart HQ. You can control it from your phone to monitor washing cycles. You can even set it to automatically order dishwashing liquid.

Its Steam + Sani feature steams dishes to soften tough food and dirt before the cycle. This speeds up washing time and removes bacteria up to 99.999 percent. The Microban Antimicrobial Technology also prevents the growth of bacteria on the appliance. Meanwhile, its UltraFresh System reduces moisture by bringing clean air into the machine.

Level Up Your Kitchen

As you can see, many smart technologies on the market today can help upgrade your home cooking space. There are appliances out there that will fit your needs. Get the right design and build contractor to create your perfect new kitchen around your new devices.

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