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Small Online Businesses You Can Start in 2022

2022 is foreseen to be the year of business startups mainly due to three reasons:

  1. With the world slowly but continuously recovering from the impacts of the pandemic, the overall capital you’d need is relatively lower compared to the amount you’d have to spend during the foreseeable inflation coming after 2023.
  2. According to a Nielsen study conducted last year, a majority of millennials and Gen Z are more inclined to take an entrepreneurial path instead of following the traditional degree-work-retirement flow.
  3. The technological advancements humanity has achieved have made it possible for businesses to thrive globally through online methods.

And with these three reasons in mind, you are probably wondering if you could make it as an online entrepreneur in the digital age, too. Well, the answer is yes. And that’s where we come in. Whether you prefer to focus on retailing, have a service-oriented business, or dabble in a mixture of both, here are five small online business ideas that can help you get a head start in 2022:


  • Online Food Business

    As long as people can get hungry, the demand for this kind of business will always be there. And as proven in the past couple of years, even quarantines and a global pandemic can’t stop people from wanting to satisfy their cravings.To capitalize on satiety, here are two important things you have to remember. Firstly, you have to find your niche. There are millions of burger joints in the world. There are most probably more than five of them in your town. But burger joints who use rice as their buns? Probably not a lot. Remember to stand out.

    The other thing you should never forget is to do complete market research. By complete, it means not only focusing on what the demands and trends are regarding the food. You should also study the kind of food delivery services that are commonly used in your area. You can even focus on social media trends and use them as your marketing ploy. TikTok has made hundreds of businesses flourish. Maybe yours can be one of them.

  • Niche Product Shop

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be food but it’s necessary to be unique. Niche marketing has been an effective business style for decades. Targeting a specific market or audience is always a sure way to success.Start by choosing a certain field that you’re actually interested in. It can be about gaming, pet-owning, traveling, beauty and fashion, or health and wellness among many more. Once you’ve found a niche, do your research and think outside the box. Look for what’s missing and find ways to make the experiences either more comfortable or more luxurious.

    A great example would be the menstrual cup companies, MeLuna and Cora. They put menstrual cups back on the map and provided an alternative for a key and infinite demographic.


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  • Online Tutorials Provider

    With this business idea, the main thing you’d have to capitalize on is your skills. You can teach any topic. You can focus on languages since there are millions of possible non-native English speakers who need to learn the language due to globalization. You can also focus on skills and talents like sketching, playing musical instruments, woodwork, and even horticulture. The idea is to do what you love, help others learn them, and get paid.You can start small with a group of friends who have similar interests or other skills. You can also outsource talent by hiring people to work remotely with you as a third-party business. Either way, the demand for learning will always be there. The only challenge is choosing what you want to offer.

  • Social Media Management

    Social media management is currently one of the most booming fields in the business industry. With most businesses being forced to go digital, the importance of social media management is rising. If you’re technologically adept and familiar with the current generation’s lingo, then it’s possible for you to make any product more marketable than it would have been in the traditional setup.But keep in mind that being on social media 24/7 doesn’t guarantee that you’d be good at it. You still have to learn more about business trends and methods of analytics. But once you get a hold of those things, it can be a walk in the park for the average online social butterfly.


  • Online Retailing with Possible Service Provision

    Don’t get caught up with the title. This is fairly simple. It’s like selling the typical pastries online but offering a cooking class at the same time. It’s like selling clothes and also letting your customer choose the designs they want their merchandise to have. Of course, the price would be higher, but the excitement of seeing their clothes get designed in real-time and the added power you’re giving them by letting them choose are understandable reasons to double the price.There are even big companies that follow this format. The likes of offer hardware and glass services and electronic access control assistance. This is because more than the difficulty in finding professionals who could do such tasks seamlessly, they also know their products more than anyone. So, hiring their services sounds more logical if you want to be more efficient.

If you are thinking of starting a business in the near future, then planning everything as early as today will only prove to be beneficial. Since starting an online business will not only help you escape the tedious lifestyle of being an employee but also provide a freer and more flexible source of income, taking it seriously is a must.

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