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Need a Marketing Boost in 2021? 3 Reasons Video Marketing is for You

The business scene has drastically changed over a period of months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies are hanging on to dear life in terms of revenues, and others are stuck in their old ways that won’t cut it anymore in the new normal. This is especially true when it comes to marketing. The global health crisis turned the virtual world into every business and individual’s lifeline, which means now more than ever, you’re relying on your online presence to survive in these trying times.

If you’re like a lot of small businesses that haven’t hopped onto the video marketing train, then you’re missing out on your best chance of success in 2021. In an uncertain future, you’d best stick to the most promising option of improving your marketing ASAP and converting traffic to sales.

Create an Emotional Connection

Emotions create for better recall, and there’s nothing like a good old video to establish one. No matter how short or simple your video is, people are bound to form a better emotional connection with it compared to other forms of media. This is not to say that just any video will achieve this. A poorly made one will backfire almost immediately, while a strategic one can result in an instant boost in your engagement and sales.

One key knowledge to bear in mind is that your audience will associate your products and services with the emotions that your video invokes. The more positive the emotions they feel, the better the likelihood that they’ll feel confident about buying your goods.

Another thing worth noting is that the best videos create an emotional connection with their target audience. Are you selling toys for children or appealing to artistic people? Employ the services of a trusted video animation company. Theirs are the output that these specific audiences will appreciate. Are you selling restructured thrift store goods? Then shoot videos of models posing in them or your designers sketching designs.

Videos don’t always need to be long, complicated, and intricately produced. As long as they create the emotional impact you want and it’s congruent with your branding, you’re good to go.

Enhance the Shopping Experience

Online shopping is here to stay, regardless of industry. Even car dealers are using the power of video marketing to drive sales up, and people are buying. Since the virus is still most commonly spread through human contact, videos are your go-to method to help consumers get a better feel of your products.

Embrace the age of “unboxing” with the help of influencers and try your hand at tutorials. The more media your target market can turn to that will persuade them to buy, the easier it will be to convert traffic to sales.

Build on this strategy further by encouraging your patrons to create video testimonials that you can share on your website and social media pages. They don’t need to be influencers, they just have to be satisfied customers who believe in your merchandise. Again, there’s no need for any expensive production for these videos, which is exactly why they’re preferable during the pandemic. Everyone has a smartphone they can use, and all you need to do is to connect with your loyal consumers and maybe offer a gift check or goodie bag in exchange for their effort.

Bring Out Your Brand’s Personality

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Unless you have an excellent group of writers and photographers on your team, then chances are big that your current content isn’t as appealing as you’d like it to be. At worst, your blog and social media captions might even come off as boring to most of your audience. They simply don’t let your brand’s personality shine as much as video marketing can.

Personality is integral not only in creating an emotional connection with your market. It’s also a means to establish trust and credibility. One way or another, a personality humanizes your brand and allows people to relate to it better.

Is your brand oozing with quirkiness? Include humorous elements that will surely hit the mark with your audience. Are you the sustainable local alternative to your target market’s high-fashion wants? Utilize biophilic designs in showcasing your apparel.  Whatever your brand’s personality is, make sure it’ll appeal to your audience.

Employ the services of credible vendors and stay true to your brand. Video marketing may be overwhelming at first, but adapting to it will become easier the longer you immerse in its benefits. You’ll be surprised at the difference it’ll make in your engagement and sales moving forward.

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