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Four Ways Companies Are Improving Their Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is a global problem that affects everyone but mostly businesses. It’s estimated that individual businesses lose about $8 million on cybercrime. This is a massive problem, and it’s only getting worse.

There are many types of cybercrime, but some of the most common include phishing, malware, ransomware, and denial-of-service attacks.

Phishing is when criminals send emails that look like they’re from a legitimate company to get people to click on links or download attachments that contain malware.

Malware is software that can damage your computer or steal information, while ransomware is when criminals hold your computer or data hostage until you pay them a ransom. And finally, denial-of-service attacks are when criminals flood a website with traffic so that it crashes.

Cybercrime is costly and devastating, but businesses are finding new ways to fight back. One way is through database administration.

Database Administration

The lifeline of many businesses is their database. Once that’s gone, the company may never recover. That’s why it’s so important to have a good database administrator. A database administrator (DBA) is responsible for a database’s performance, integrity, and security.

The role of a DBA has evolved over the years as technology has changed. In the past, a DBA would create backups and restore them if there was a problem. But now, a DBA needs to be much more proactive. They need to monitor the database for performance issues and potential security threats. They also need to implement security measures to protect the data.

Most companies use Microsoft SQL as their database, so a DBA needs to be well-versed in that software. However, it can be tough to find someone who’s versed with SQL inside your company. Don’t be afraid to hire an MS SQL administration service. These services usually have the necessary experience to keep your database running smoothly and securely.

A DBA can make or break a business. A good DBA will keep the database running smoothly and help to prevent problems before they happen. A bad DBA can cause problems, from data loss to security breaches.

Ensure you invest in a good DBA and MS SQL administration service to protect your business.

Employee Training

Another way businesses are fighting back against cybercrime is by training their employees. Your employees are the first line of defense against cybercriminals. They need to be able to spot phishing emails and know what to do if they receive one.

You can’t just have a one-time training session and call it good. You need to make employee training an ongoing process. Every time there’s a new security threat, train your employees to deal with it.

Having policies and procedures to deal with security threats is also essential. Ensure your employees know these policies and are comfortable following them.

The best defense against cybercrime is a well-trained workforce. Train your employees regularly with policies and procedures, so they know what to do if they’re ever faced with a security threat.

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Network Penetration Testing

Another way businesses are improving their cybersecurity is by regularly testing their networks. This process, known as penetration testing, helps to find vulnerabilities in the network before criminals can exploit them.

Penetration testers use the same techniques as criminals to find weaknesses in the network. They then work with the business to fix these vulnerabilities so they can’t be exploited.

Penetration testing is an essential part of keeping a network secure. It should be done regularly, especially after any changes to the network. That way, you can be sure that your network is as secure as it can be.

The average cost of a network breach is $1 million. Don’t let your business be a statistic. Ensure you regularly test your network for vulnerabilities.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an excellent way to improve the security of your accounts. With 2FA, you need two pieces of information to log in to an account. The most common type is a password, and a code sent to your phone.

With 2FA, even if a criminal gets your password, they can’t access your account unless they also have your phone. That makes it much more difficult for them to break into your account

2FA is quick and easy to set up, so there’s no excuse not to use it. Many online services, such as Google and Facebook, offer 2FA. Ensure you take advantage of it to protect your employees’ accounts.

Cybersecurity is a massive concern among businesses worldwide, and for a good reason. Cybercrime is costly and devastating, but companies are finding new ways to fight back. The options above are great if you’re looking to improve your cybersecurity. Implement them in your business to help keep your data safe from criminals.

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