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The Dangers of Having Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can be an aesthetic impairment for many people. You must have seen friends who had crooked teeth covering their mouths while smiling. It can make you self-conscious. However, it is not just about how you look when you smile. Your confidence levels also dip manifold.

Properly aligned teeth help in smooth jaw movements, and you can speak well, too. Additionally, you can chew your food well, that aids in proper digestion. If you overlook this issue, stating cosmetic reasons, you can be wrong. There are quite a few other health issues associated with this condition.

In this post, you will read about the severe health risks associated with poorly aligned teeth.

Gum Diseases

When you have crooked teeth, you tend to have severe gum issues. The reason is that it is pretty difficult to clean the spaces between. So, all the food particles accumulate and gather around the roots when you eat. In some time, bacteria forms and cause severe damage to the gums. You are also more prone to gingivitis and tooth decay. You should ensure to use floss daily to get relief. It will help in self-care.

Thorough brushing and flossing can help you to combat plaque buildup as well. However, need to rely on professional care if things go out of hand. Pacific Smile Design is one of the most prominent names in oral healthcare today. You can gain access to the best teams who will help you with a clean treatment center and a host of amenities. So, you will be able to regain your lost smile back.

Chewing Problems

If you have crooked and misaligned teeth, you will have chewing problems. Chewing is an essential part of digestion. You chew the food and turn it into palatable material that can pass through the esophagus and then enter the intestines for further processing. If the food particles are large and not broken down into pieces, you may have swallowing issues. Choking is another hazard that is associated with such a situation. So, if your teeth are crooked, you will have to bear with a domino effect — digestion issues and choking hazards.

Teeth Remain Unclean

This is another issue about misaligned and crooked teeth. If you have misaligned teeth, your brush will not reach all the corners, and some food particles remain stuck in the gaps. Thus, your oral hygiene goes for a toss in such circumstances. Therefore, you need to take the necessary steps, like getting braces or orthodontic help. Always ensure to seek the best professionals for the same.

Bad Breath

You will suffer from bad breath if you have crooked teeth. Many bacteria form in the stale food particles that are trapped between the teeth. Moreover, the crooked nature of the teeth creates the perfect environment for the bacteria to thrive. Doctors often term bad breath as halitosis. You may have difficulty cleaning your teeth if it is not aligned correctly. This causes bad breath. The bacterial growth has an odor of its own, which adds to the issue. If you suffer from bad breath continuously, it may be a warning of periodontal disease. If you do not get it treated, it can lead to tooth loss and damaged gums.

Enamel Damage

When your crooked teeth are continuously rubbing against each other, it can cause the teeth’ enamel to get worn out. It can lead to an abscess in the teeth or cavities if it happens constantly. Cavities are quite common in kids who have crooked teeth from childhood. So, you have to search for a proper solution from the beginning. If your tooth enamel is damaged completely, it is beyond repair. However, you can still get it repaired and restored if it is weakened. Watch out for tell-tale signals, like ridges, yellowish color, and a grayish shadow on the teeth.

Cardiac Issues

Now, this may come up as a shocker for you. Oral health does impact you’re your heart health. Apart from hurting your self-esteem, it is terrible for your vital blood-pumping organ. The harmful bacteria that collect between the teeth can travel through the bloodstream into the heart. It leads to an increase in C-reactive proteins that cause inflammation in the body.

Moreover, if you already have some heart ailment or artificial valves, the situation gets worse. So, you have to get it straightened. Furthermore, they can severely affect the valves in your heart. Oral plaque can also harm the heart. There are various means of treatment available today. Consult a doctor.

So, these are the dangers of having crooked teeth. When you have crooked teeth, you need instant attention and treatment. Do not leave it unattended, thinking it to be a cosmetic issue.

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