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Top Business Continuity Trends for 2022

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is necessary for the economy. It is for the businesses to remain running. However, it is not just about one virus that constantly changes and creates disruptions. It is about facing all upcoming disasters, whether artificial or natural. If you want to run your business irrespective of the situation, then focus on a continuity plan.

Several risk management procedures come in handy when you are faced with deciding to run critical functions or shut shop. Read about the top business continuity trends for 2022 in this blog post. If you are a business continuity planner for any organization, this is important for you.

Cyber Security

All organizations are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and threats. However, it is not just about direct ones. Your vendors or the governing authority can face an attack over the networks. As an aftermath of such an attack, you can lose data. All your passwords on different government portals can also be compromised. Ransomware, malware, and data breaches are some of the most prominent threats looming on the cybersphere’s horizon.

Most security experts will advise you to be careful about all intellectual properties, customer records, and employee records. These are the ones that can be tracked and stolen easily. You must be aware that such threats and attacks are not a new concept, but these threats are constantly evolving. Something else can pop up if you protect yourself from one ransomware and even train your employees to track them.

An unsuspecting employee from your organization might click on a phishing email. This can result in the attacker gaining access to all your sensitive information. This trend will continue in the times to come. Moreover, the only way to save oneself is to stay protected.

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Financial Protection

Most companies will see threats in various forms, natural as well as manmade. So it is imperative to have some backup ready at all times. If you wait for a disaster to break in, you’ll be running around saving resources without much success. You should get business insurance to support your business continuity plans. You should look at the available options and get a proper strategy to suit your needs. Some might be comprehensive, and some might be providing coverage on peripheral issues. Some examples of the latter include loss of market share, loss of customers, or release of a new product or service. You should always go through all terms and conditions, measure your risks, and get one accordingly.

You need to remember that the coverage is a part of the BCP or business continuity plan in this context. You have to take in the other possibilities, too. Every business is different from the other. So customization in such projects will be another key to giving you the right benefits.


This again holds true for the current pandemic. As more and more people work remotely, automation might be the key for more mundane processes. In this manner, most businesses are lowering operational costs. The software programs are the primary tools that can assist you in gaining the best from automated systems. Robotics and automation technology are often termed RPA technologies.

There will be some initial costs when automating your processes. Most business owners think that such technology is costly. However, in reality, it is not. The ROI of such investments can be very high. You can get all the returns in a few months or a year. Additionally, these technologies can enhance business operations’ accuracy for reduced wastage and increased revenue.


One of the top business continuities trends this season is to keep your lines of communication open. Your workforce is the one at a loss when things turn upside down. They will also be looking for surety from you. Such turmoil often leads to job cuts, salary cuts, and job losses.

You can gain the employee advantage only when you take your employees into confidence. No matter how many processes you automate, you create more areas in your work sphere that would require human intervention. It is an ongoing process. And as a new business owner or a start-up owner, you should be able to address your employees’ concerns. This attitude will also help you keep them engaged and motivated. A boosted workforce can get you high returns on investments.

These are some key trends that aim at business continuity. These will continue to evolve in the days to come, in various forms. So it is imperative for all growing and developing companies to keep track of these, improve upon the underlying processes, and create backup plans.

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