Attention All K-pop Stans, Social Media Apps Aren’t Enough!

The internet and vast digital space are filled to the brim with vibrant communities and fanbases that actively support and follow their beloved stars. Still, if there’s one industry undoubtedly taking the spotlight, then the brightest of lights are most certainly shining on our beloved K-pop stars. In fact, apart from desperately wanting to get authentic signed memorabilia, you’ve most likely already encountered the many communities that echo all across social media apps and forums, from vast Twitter threads to the most dignified Facebook groups.

However, if there’s one shortfall the industry is currently facing, it is the fact that for K-pop stans to stay updated and connected with their favorite idols, keeping to social media apps is no longer enough. And so, to help both the wary newcomer and even long-time fans find a much better space to show their love, we’ll be going over some of the must-have apps that will guarantee you never miss a single thing that happens ever again.

Social Media Platforms Work, But It Lacks A Bit Of Flair

Of course, we are by no means saying that you should give up on following your beloved idols on Instagram and anywhere else; they still function pretty well despite how oversaturated they may appear. But, even if you get the chance to catch a glimpse of a Livestream right before it ends, many social media apps are now lacking a bit of flair that makes things tough to navigate around. Namely, you’ll have trouble with (1) it being not as interactive, (2) the difficulty of trying to find fellow stans, and, worst of all, (3) why you somehow always manage to be late to the party.

  • Not As Interactive As Expected: While Instagram live broadcasts have recently grown in popularity, most social media applications aren’t functionally built for stars, in general, to interact with their audience. Sure, many features have been introduced to help appease demand, but the engagement levels just aren’t there.
  • Difficult To Find Your People: Secondly, the K-pop stan culture is also about finding your people and connecting with the community who shares your interest, something which has become increasingly hard to do. Yes, a thorough search might give you hope, but it’s become difficult to find where most activity is brewing.
  • Sometimes Late To The Party: Lastly, while social media platforms pride themselves on being the best at keeping you updated, it’s become apparent that most scheduled are often after the fact or some time after the event has actually started. And while to most those meager 15 minutes might not seem like a lot, it will feel like a lifetime for any devoted stans.

So, Here’s Our Top Picks

With those reasons in mind, we set out to look for applications that resolve these issues and overcome the pitfalls of social media applications. And, while these three selected are by no means perfect, we can promise that the amount of love and dedication you’ll feel here is a far cry from what you could experience on just Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even TikTok.

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#1 V Live by NAVER Corp.

As far as streaming goes, V Live by NAVER Corp. definitely takes first place in our books because it’s held to its motto of being one of the best communities to connect with stars and other fans. They’ve made watching your favorite idols’ streams super accessible and even have a fully integrated notification system to never miss any upcoming events. Apart from the daily streams you get to witness, you’ll find plenty of TV-like episodes and numerous amounts of content. Plus, availing of the membership packages provides special benefits that you wouldn’t normally find on social media apps.

#2 Weverse, Weverse Company Inc.

Another must-have application for K-pop stans is Weverse. While it is comparatively close to what V Live offers, some idols and groups have specifically partnered with them and provide special content. On the flip side, it’s far more community-centered as it features more varied multimedia content and interactive posts, so you’ll feel right at home learning to use this application. Furthermore, it also features many membership packages to get you that extra bit updated on BTS, TXT, and many other famous groups.

#3 Lysn by Dear U Co.,Ltd

Last but not least, if you’re looking for an application that connects you directly with like-minded K-pop stans, then Lysn by Dear U Co,.Ltd is an excellent download to have on your phone. Sure, it’s not as flashy as the previous two recommended applications, but it makes up for all that in creating a friendly space and interfaces for fans and communities to interact with each other. From instant messaging to open chat, you’ll find yourself busy connecting 24/7.

Don’t Get Left Behind And Stay Updated

Overall, while social media applications still work just fine, we strongly recommend any K-pop stan to give our recommended applications a chance if they don’t want to get left behind. For all you know, you might even be lucky enough to be noticed the second you log on to watch a Livestream!

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