7 Content Types to Take Advantage of Social Media’s Massive Reach

Your social media marketing efforts’ success depends on how successful your content is. But making appealing, high-quality content is challenging for small-scale or mid-sized companies. Though it strengthens customer experience, it can be time-consuming and competitive. It would be best to combine different kinds of content types for your business to overcome these challenges.

If you combine different concepts, you can create more appealing content that attracts your target audience. Below are seven of the content types that you can discuss with a digital marketing company.

Electronic Books

E-books contain more information than blog posts, making them more detailed and longer. It also showcases your background and industry expertise. Only a few managers spend their resources on producing, so you can avoid the fierce competition in blogs.

It contains multiple blog posts compiled as chapters under the same classification if you’re still unfamiliar with it. You’ll have to hire a content creator with skills in writing e-books if you want your efforts to succeed. If you don’t want to hire one, choose the best content carefully.


High-quality videos and photographs will help customer engagement, attracting more customers to your brand. Using pictures will also prevent them from ignoring your content and the message you want to convey. Images are more appealing than articles and long-form blogs, making it easier for people to understand.

Your phone’s camera already has the feature to capture appealing pictures. You also have access to apps that can help you add filters to them, quickly edit them, and more. If you’re not aware, it much easier to produce videos and photographs.

video content

Video Feeds

Video feeds can refer to short videos or images that last for 24 hours. Snapchat was the first one to introduce, but other social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, have adopted them. You can keep your target audience updated about any offers, events, and other announcements. Video feeds can be your primary means of giving your audience a short glimpse of your company. Your options are endless.

In producing short video feeds, you won’t need high-quality production. That makes it much easier for your business to create short feeds when promoting a new product.


It’s best to use infographics for statics, explanations, and other written concepts to present to your customers. It makes it more tempting that way. It would help if you started with outlining. Then, your graphic artist and writer can begin working on the details to piece everything together. But as stated, making one requires graphics and content.

That means you’ll have to work with multiple people to complete one piece. It would be best if you also did your research before you could start creatively working on your infographics. Both LinkedIn and Facebook are two excellent platforms for infographics.


Disseminating information about live feeds, events, new products, or other newsworthy concepts will build surprise and inform people about what’s new with your business. In addition, your audience will always find it enticing to get an inner look into their favorite brands. But launching an announcement too early will not help you with your goal.

It would be best to determine the right moment to pique their interest. You can start by slowly disseminating information bits by bits. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some platforms you can use for these marketing efforts.


Most customers also quickly get attached to holiday-themed content. If you want to pique your audience’s interest, you can take advantage of incorporating similar ideas in your content. It might include traditions, themes, and holiday-specific concepts. You should think about how you can use holiday-related ideas to fortify your content.

How can your content address the problems your clients are facing? What concerns do they have at this period? Find the right answers to these questions to develop the best content type you can publish on any social media platform.


Your business will also benefit from organizing a tournament, contest, or game. That’s because people are competitive. But not all entrepreneurs favor this concept because they have to spend money on the prize. It can be through freebies or cash. If the content mechanics are too challenging, it might only have low participants.

If you want to avoid having a low number of participants, determine what prize and gifts will pique your customer’s interest. Ideally, it has to be something from your business but look for another item if it’s not possible. Then, make a timeline for the duration of the contest and the mechanics.

To improve customer satisfaction, save resources, and push your brand on top of the ladder, take advantage of each social media platform and its features to combine the right content types. You should be creative with your ideas, so you shouldn’t hesitate to experiment. You’ll never know which plan fits your business without making an effort.

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